Updates and Stuff

2017-08-05 15:47:13 by SuperWerer

Hey all, 
I am back from holidays since a week or two and I decided to plan out what I am going to do next. There is much work left to do, finishing the website and finishing some other game projects I've been working on the past few months. 

For now I shall be posting frequent updates on my progress on the dev log of my homepage and on facebook/newgrounds etc. I will be posting about the different updates and stuff I am working on. 

As a first thing I shall work a bit on the dev log page, make it look fancy and finish the homepage step by step. 
As for game dev I have started learning and working with JavaScript as I have decided to move on from AS3/Flash. I am currently working on a Cube-y Escape themed game but with different worlds as levels instead of a score. In HTML5. I will be working on such small projects until I have a basic understanding of how things work in Javascript, I've been having some trouble with that lately. But yeah that's it. I will upload the game on Newgrounds/Kongregate when it's finished. And that's it for now, see you!


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