Layout, YouTube & Cube-y Worlds

2017-08-06 10:31:16 by SuperWerer

Hey all, 
First things first, I worked a bit on my homepage overnight and uploaded the new layout/design about an hour ago. The borders from the navigation bar are now gone, some colours are different and the side menu on the index and games page is a bit smaller. I've been working on the code of the homepage to make every page mobile-friendly. The Dev log has completed this transition but the rest is not fully responsive yet. That's the first thing. 

Then, there's YouTube. I will continue making videos but the tutorials will be about specific things like navigation bars, how to add images and customize them and that sort of things. 

YouTube link: 

And third, there is a new game I'm working on, I mentioned it on my last dev log. The name of the project is Cube-y Worlds. It is like the Cube-y Escape 2 game but instead of score there are levels that the player needs to pass to complete the game. Each level has its own theme, ex. grassland, sea, volcano etc. It is a simple mini-game to make and it will help me learn Javascript, as this is my first project in HTML5. 
That's it for now, until then!


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